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Volunteer online to help young people with social action projects

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RSA Catalyst Grant awardee, Jonathan Harper FRSA, CEO of Future Foundations, is inviting RSA Fellows with a passion for high quality social action to volunteer as a GSL Global Goals Hero.

Do you have a passion for social action? Can you spare a couple of hours to share your expertise and help young people by reviewing their projects online? RSA Catalyst Grant awardee, Jonathan Harper FRSA, CEO of Future Foundations, is inviting RSA Fellows to volunteer as a GSL Global Goals Hero

Global Social Leaders

Young people in 80 countries are taking part in a global project competition, responding to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  The project is free for schools and young people to participate and is a not-for-profit initiative, managed by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute as part of their commitment to support young people from every background to be leaders in their lives and society.  

Your role will be to write feedback (online) on project plans submitted by student teams from 450+ schools from 80+ countries around the world…and we have 750 project teams registered so far!   

Don’t worry you don’t have to write all the feedback.  Jonathan asks you to commit to watching a three-minute briefing video and reviewing 5 projects. It takes about 20 minutes to write feedback on a project, so we ask for you to commit about 2 hours of your time. Once completed you can opt ‘in’ to do more or stop!

To find out more and register your interest visit this page: https://www.globalsocialleaders.com/gghero/

About the initiative

Two years ago, Jonathan published an RSA blog outlining his commitment to ‘nurture a new generation of socially conscious leaders’. He was successful in being awarded a grant from the RSA Catalyst programme to the test a new school club supporting young people to deliver social action projects. Since the pilot, Future Foundations has worked with the Wellington Leadership Institute to invite schools across the UK and around the world to take part in this project. 

In 2017-18, 50 schools participated and in 2018-19, over 450 schools from 80 countries have registered to be involved. Over 700 student led teams have registered their projects and 500 have submitted their project plans for feedback. 

Whilst the world seems to be more disconnected than ever, at a time when we face so many global challenges, I am inspired by the young people and schools we are working with on social action projects in their communities. I would like to call on RSA Fellows (in the UK and around the world) to join us to support young people (in 80 countries) in their efforts by volunteering 2 hours of your time (online) to give guidance on their plans to make the world more sustainable”.

Jon Harper FRSA

Chief Executive, Future Foundations



Be a hero

We have 49 Heroes writing feedback on our first round of projects, but we need more to support the next phases. Your feedback will help transform the direction and impact of a project, creating a double-impact on the young people and the communities they are working in.

To find out more and register your interest visit this page: https://www.globalsocialleaders.com/gghero/

If you would like to get involved in other ways, please contact Jonathan Harper FRSA, [email protected]

We also invite Fellows to share this invitation with like-minded peers, who share our passion for supporting young people to be active in the world.

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