We’re calling on all Fellows to develop our RSA Manifesto for Change - RSA

We’re calling on all Fellows to develop our RSA Manifesto for Change

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Our theme of 2023 has been ‘what could go right?’. As we head into 2024, we look towards the theme of ‘courage’ and how we turn our world-leading ideas into world-changing action.

It is with this that we are writing our own RSA Manifesto – a Manifesto For Change. Some of the best examples of transformative thinking happen when insights from different fields are combined, so we're asking all Fellows to contribute ideas to create our RSA Manifesto for Change.  

Our CEO, Andy Haldane explains:

This is a fantastic opportunity for Fellows to feed into the RSA's Design for Life mission by doing what we have historically always done best - coming together and collaborating to bring innovative ideas for social impact to life.

CEO, The RSA Andy Haldane

You might associate a manifesto with party politics but many organisations, including lots of charities, have a manifesto as a public declaration of policy and aims. This is exactly what we want to create for the RSA - our own manifesto to drive forward our mission to enable people, places and planet to flourish in harmony.

This does not mean we cannot learn a thing or two from party politics. We have been using the idea of ‘Day One’ to help us think about our manifesto. This term often pops up in political campaigns and refers to what a government might do on their ‘Day One’ in office. This can help us form ideas to really hit the ground running.

Having a clear set of public policies and aims will allow us to drive forward our Design for Life mission to enable people, places and the planet to flourish in harmony. It will be the tool which allows all of us to create real world impact. Whether that’s allowing the RSA team to take forward our manifesto to key stakeholders and partners or the wider Fellowship using it to direct work towards our mission.

As Fellows, we know the RSA has a central role to play in transforming the world’s economic, social and environmental systems. Our vision is for a world where everyone can fulfil their potential and contribute to more resilient, rebalanced and regenerative futures. By bringing together a diverse mix of people and expertise, to create our RSA Manifesto for Change, we can achieve this.

Get involved in shaping our RSA Manifesto for Change by heading to Circle and following the link to submit: Help develop our RSA Manifesto | The RSA | Circle. Your idea doesn’t have to be perfected and polished, please just share your thoughts before 30 November. The RSA team will then transform them into our RSA Manifesto for Change ahead of our Fellows Festival 2024.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing Faye Brookes or Beth D’Elia on [email protected], or drop us a direct message on Circle.

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