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Would you like to work with a Visual Artist?

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Tommy Barr FRSA, a visual artist based in Northern Ireland, is volunteering his creative skills to support and collaborate on projects across the UK that are working towards achieving positive social impact.

Tommy Barr FRSA is a visual artist, primarily a painter, practising in County Down, Northern Ireland. He believes that artists who have sustained a practice over time share a significant ability to seek out and recognise opportunities. Equally, Tommy believes it is incumbent upon anyone who enjoys the privilege of living as an artist to ensure their practice contributes positively in return. He believes that artists need to use their abilities in equal measure to actively identify opportunities for common good.

Tommy’s Fellowship of the RSA is a result of this belief and reflects his motivation in this area. He would welcome notifications from Fellows regarding initiatives or projects which he might assist as a visual artist on a completely voluntary basis. The guiding principle being that he will contribute alongside others working on the same non-commercial basis for a demonstrable common good.

Purely by way of example, Tommy has provided images and created posters and event materials. He has led workshops for underprivileged children and for groups from societies in conflict. He has delivered illustrated talks and lectures to colleges, conferences and functions and has chaired debates. However, his offer of collaboration extends beyond this to such activity as is within his capability as a visual artist.

Get in touch with Tommy to find out more and explore possibilities for collaboration: [email protected].

Find out more about Tommy's creative practice at www.tbarr.com. 

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