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Do you have a great idea? 

We prioritise projects that will be truly catalysed by our grant, have the greatest potential to achieve measurable world impact, and offer a new solution to a pressing societal problem in one of our key areas of focus.

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Asma Shah

It's not just about the money, it's about the brand, more support and about having Fellows deliver for you. It's been fantastic.

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Asma Shah

Founder - You Make It

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Scaling Catalyst Grants of £10,000

These grants are for exceptional projects addressing one of our key themes that have clearly demonstrated their proof of concept and are ready to scale up. We offer a limited number of £10,000 grants and will award to the projects where we feel our grant will have the greatest impact.

Small Catalyst Grants of £1,000 - £2,000

These grants are for new projects that are in their early stages, and in need of a financial boost to help them develop into a sustainable project which will deliver impact. We will always consider truly outstanding proposals that fall outside the scope of our three key themes.

Crowdfunding Support with RSA Kickstarter

Free monthly webinars and exclusive access for Fellows to training events at RSA House, with the possibility of having your project featured on RSA Kickstarter. The success rate on RSA Kickstarter is double the Kickstarter average.

catalyst guidelines

In order to be considered for a grant: 

  • Your project should be led by an RSA Fellow who will be the main point of contact with the RSA
  • Your project should demonstrate clear impact and the potential to be sustained in the long term
  • For Small Catalyst Grants the project should be new 
  • For Scaling Catalyst Grants the project does not need to be new or have received prior funding from the RSA, but must demonstrate a clear proof of concept.



Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Who can apply?

An RSA Fellow must be the lead on the application to be eligible for a Catalyst grant. However, as the RSA advocates collaboration, the project team can consist of both Fellows and non-Fellows. More information on RSA Fellowship can be found here. Your Fellowship status must be confirmed for your application to be eligible to be reviewed by the Catalyst panel. If you are unsure about your Fellowship status, please contact us

How do I apply?

For both the Small Grant and Scaling Grant, applications are made online here. Please note, you are unable to save draft copies of our online form. You may wish to prepare your answers in advance in another document beforehand, and copy them into the online form once complete.

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The RSA offers support to Fellow-led crowdfunding campaigns. 

Fellow-led campaigns are eligible for the RSA crowdfunding accelerator programme if: 

  • The campaign is for a social enterprise, charity or project that delivers sustainable, measurable positive social or environmental impact
  • It will only spend funding on what has been promised in the campaign 
  • It will deliver product and service rewards in full and on time if successful

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For information on how to apply for crowdfunding support please contact Jade Prentice 

Jade Prentice

I'm passionate about helping Fellows turn their ideas into action, for me it goes right to the heart of what the RSA is all about. 

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Jade Prentice

RSA Crowdfunding Co-ordinator

fellow-led projects


Digital 'wiki' platform that crowd-sources information on government processes in Nepal, helping citizens to navigate their public services.