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RSA Catalyst programme

How does Catalyst work? 

Catalyst is a competitive grant-giving programme which offers two types of Award: Seed Grants of £2,000, and Scaling Grants of £10,000.

Each Catalyst application is reviewed internally by a panel of RSA staff against our Catalyst Criteria, before being referred to a panel of RSA Fellows comprising members of the Fellowship Council

Seed Grants of £2,000

Seed Grants of £2,000

These grants are for new projects that are in their early stages, and in need of a financial boost to help them develop into a sustainable project which will deliver impact.

Scaling Grants of £10,000

Scaling Grants of £10,000

These grants are for exceptional projects that have clearly demonstrated their proof of concept and are ready to scale up. We offer a limited number of £10,000 grants and will award to the projects where we feel our grant will have the greatest impact.



2018 - Round 1

Deadline for applications: 22nd January
Round closing date*: 13th April 

2018 – Round 2

Deadline for applications: 1st May
Round closing date*: 19th July

2018 – Round 3

Deadline for applications: 18th September
Round closing date*: 26th November

*This is the latest date by which each Fellow will hear whether their application has been successful.

Is my project eligible?

Is my project eligible?

Before applying, read through our Catalyst criteria to check your eligibility and to ensure your final application closely aligns with the purpose of the Awards.

Check your eligibility


Information to help with your application

It isn’t possible to save your Catalyst applications as you go, so we recommend drafting and securely saving your answers to the application questions before submitting your application. We’ve provided templates to help you do this below.

Preparing your application and curious about past Catalyst projects?

Find blogs from past Catalyst Award recipients here.

If your project is not eligible for a Catalyst Award, you might want to consider RSA Crowdfunding support to secure funding for your initiative, or connecting with your Local Area team at who can help you shape and share your project.



If you have a specific question that hasn't been addressed here please see our FAQs for further information. The RSA’s Catalyst Award Programme is managed by the Engagement and Services Teams in the Fellowship Department, who you can contact directly with any questions about the Catalyst application and grant administration process.

Send a message to the team using, or call us on +44 (0)20 7451 6827.