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10 top tips for a Christmas party to remember!

The stress of organising a Christmas party for your colleagues can get a little overwhelming. Questions like is anyone actually going to turn up? Have I ordered enough food? Have I chosen the right venue? are probably already keeping you up at night. Fear not, we have put together our top tips for creating the best Christmas party.

By now you will have booked the venue and be looking to organise invitations (if not, don’t panic, we still have availability at RSA House), so now it’s down to the small, yet essential, details to make this party a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Here are our top tips:

1. Transport - To avoid that tumbleweed moment when your boss arrives on their tod and unleashes their awkward side step moves on the dance floor, you’ll want to ensure that the majority of guests arrive at the same time. Pre-book taxis for a discounted rate and organise a meeting point where your colleagues can team up and bundle in a cab.

2. First impressions - These are often the only ones that are remembered. Make sure there are complimentary cocktails or mulled wine on arrival and spruce up the outside of the venue by projecting your company logo on the exterior. Make your colleagues feel like movie stars by hiring a red carpet and photographer - the photographs make a great keepsake and will hang on your office pin board for years to come.

3. Pamper hour - Whilst the men rush to the bar, first stop for the ladies is always the rest rooms. If your party follows on from a day at work, the chances are most guests will have been applying their make up in the taxi, so while the venue will have taken care of the essentials, treat your guests to a hamper of scents and balms by the basin to ensure they hit the dance floor feeling fresh. (P.S don’t forget the boys – you know how much Dan from IT likes his CK One)

4. Canapés and cocktails - After their arrival cocktail, treat your guests to some festive canapés. Be playful with your selection to avoid “canapé déjà-vu” from every other festive receptions your guests have been to. Ensure they are presented in a way that will ‘wow’ your guests to create a talking point. If in doubt choose British classics – mini fish and chips, roast beef and mini Yorkshire puddings and sausage and mash - a crowd pleaser every time!

5. Let me entertain you! - While the main entertainment might be a DJ or band, you will want to keep your guests occupied from the moment they arrive. You can get great last minute deals with entertainers so why not book a magician or mobile masseuse to work the crowd before the dance floor fills up.

6. The main event - Once the canapés have done their rounds, hungry Harry from facilities will start to stare in desperation at every passing waiter. Try something different to the usual finger buffet and opt for a range of food stalls. They are a great way to please a crowd and allow guests to pick and choose when and what they would like to eat. Popular food stalls at RSA House include Korean yum-bun stations and sweet and savoury donut stalls.

7. A moment of reflection - Christmas parties are a time to celebrate the achievements of the past year and let your hair down with colleagues. Don’t forget to ask your CEO if he would like to say a few words of praise and present awards for achievements throughout the year, and be sure to include a few funny ones to keep it light hearted.

8. Relax! - It’s your Christmas party as well! Leave the stress at the door and let your Events Manager to do what they do best... so grab the girls and strike a pose in that photobooth!

9. Carriages - Pre-book a handful of taxis for closing time and send your guests on their way with a bottle of chilled water, a slice of Christmas cake and some Berrocca - they will thank you in the morning.

10. The morning after - Sweet talk your bosses into a 10am start the next day and greet your colleagues with freshly brewed coffee and bacon sarnies.

If you are yet to decide on your Christmas party venue, fear not, RSA House still has a limited number of key dates still available. Our all-inclusive Christmas packages start from £92+ VAT and include unlimited drinks! To enquire about your Christmas party call us on +44 (0)20 7451 6809 or email house@rsa.org.uk


Move away from the cliché buffet and take a walk down the edible garden path

Often it’s easy to stick to what you know and bulk order the sandwich lunch with a side of tea and coffee. Why not treat your delegates to a lunch less ordinary. We have just launched our spring/summer menus and they are jam-packed full of creative concepts to inspire your guests throughout their breaks. 

International market stalls

Why not upgrade your everyday fork buffet to a selection of three international market stalls. With a variety of five sweet and savoury stalls to choose from you will be sure to cater for all of your guests tastes. Our mouth-watering market stalls include cuisines from Northern Europe, the Far East, Southern States and the Sub Continent.

Selection of three stalls from: £36.00 + VAT per guest

Breakfast canapés

It is proven that we are far more productive within the first half of the day, which is perhaps why we have noticed an increase in breakfast meetings in the last six months. With this in mind we’ve developed a collection of breakfast canapés to allow your guests to network whilst still enjoying their morning refreshments.

Prices from: £19.95 + VAT per guest

Edible gardens

The perfect organic accompaniment to any lunch option, our edible garden will ensure all of your guests enjoy their five-a-day. A grown-up version of crudités and dips which is not only nutritional and flavoursome, but also a visual delight.

Prices on application

Typesetter’s pudding wall

For those with a sweet tooth, the decadent typesetter’s pudding wall is a real showstopper. An antique display wall filled with miniature treats. Perfect for product launches, drinks receptions or even a treat for a lazy afternoon of brainstorming.

Prices from: £7.50 + VAT per guest

British picnic lunch

With summer slowly peeking its head around the corner, our British picnic lunch is the perfect way to enjoy a cool midday nibble. Our picnic lunch includes a delicious selection of homemade British classics including sausage rolls and piccalilli, London cured smoked salmon, quiches, salads and chutneys all served with a luscious cheese board on the side.  

Prices from: £25.95 + VAT per guest



Here at #rsahouse we appreciate that times are changing. As attendees and guests get savvier with social media we notice the opportunity to convert what could have been an average conference into a dazzling success!

Here's how we'd do it...

1. From the top

From the moment your guests register to attend your event they're yours to engage with.

Create a memorable branded #hashtag
• Is it short, snappy & unforgettable?
• Play on words associated with your brand, sponsors, attendees and event topics
• Engage with the venue and set the scene on location, history, and which rooms are used and why – do they have an ethos or theme that fits with the event? Why them?
• Spread the word and advertise your #hashtag on invitations, emails signatures, digital images, Twitter, Instagram and all promotional material – share it on EVERYTHING!

Mission: get that #hashtag trending!

2. Keep the momentum going!

At the event is where you can really make an impact - post frequent updates about what's happening throughout your event, share photos and short video clips. Keep the #hashtag working hard. Guests that weren't able to attend can now keep abreast of what's happening without even being in the room.

An interactive Twitter wall can be a really great way for guests to share their experiences and thoughts on your event, and can be used in conjunction with your #hashtag. By having a rolling feed on a screen in a central location, for example by the catering stations, it's a great way to encourage guests to play an active part in the event by commenting and tweeting, and seeing their thoughts on the big screen #imacelebrity.

#rsahouse is currently offering our twitter walls on a complimentary basis – call us to find out more!

3. Post event – are you ready for next year?

Just because the event is over it doesn't mean it's time to put your feet up #norestforthewicked

Before the dust settles make sure you:
• Like, follow, retweet and connect with any new contacts made
• Publish the event Twitter wall and share it through your twitter feed, Instagram & Facebook accounts
• Ask for feedback and give attendees yours – conduct a post event survey and reward guests who complete it with a prize or incentive
• Publish a review on your website or blog
• Thank those who attended and recognise any hot speakers/suppliers/sponsors
• Analyse your own strategy... did it work?

The aim: Make those that didn't attend eager to register for the next one!