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RSA Journal: Issue 1 2019


In this issue:

We focus on the profound changes shaping the way we work. Matthew Taylor and Fabian Wallace-Stephens write about the shifting landscape of work and how the RSA's Future Work Centre is responding. Roberto Unger argues that unless the knowledge economy becomes far more inclusive it will deepen inequalities.

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What do businesses owe to society?
Is it possible to expect companies to behave ethically and still satisfy all stakeholders?

Who would want to be an MP?
Politics have made the lot of an MP even harder. Who would want to take on such a job?

Finding Good Governance
As trust in institutions weakens, cross-sector learning is more important than ever.

Charting loneliness
We know loneliness is a problem in society. But what is loneliness? Kimberly Smith looks at how we define it.

Work in progress
Our working lives seem to be changing faster than ever before; we need to find ways to promote good work.

“We change ourselves by trying to change the world” A conversation with Roberto Mangabeira Unger
Matthew Taylor talks to Roberto Mangabeira Unger about the knowledge economy and the crisis in liberal democracy.

Beyond the laboratory
Our future depends on a larger, more diverse scientific community engaging the public in meeting the huge challenges we face

The future of work in the countryside
When debating how to tackle employment challenges and skills shortages, the focus tends to be on urban centres, but the experience of…

Britain & the EU benefit from a strong security relationship, whatever happens with Brexit
Lord Mandelson on international security post-Brexit. 

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