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RSA Journal Issue 2 2015


In this issue:

The financial crisis may be over, but our economy is in dire need of a fresh paradigm if we're to produce a society that enables everyone to flourish. 

Gar Alperovitz argues that capitalist's pendulum must swing from corporations to communities, whilst Mariana Mazzucato encourages the emergence of state-led innovation.  Jeremy Rifkin extols the virtues of a near-zero marginal cost society and Anthony Painter argues deep systemic changes are required to fix our broken economic system. Other contributors include: Rowan Conway, Matthew Taylor, Steve Hilton, Jennifer Morgan, Chris Hewett, Jon Bright and Roger Taylor.

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  • Market share
    The move towards a zero marginal cost society will transform our society for the better

  • A social capitalism
    Our current financial system is failing. It’s time to overturn corporate capitalism and let community systems flourish in its place.

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