Issue 4 2015


In this issue:

We focus on communities. How can more communities play a bigger part in making change happen?

With contributions from Matthew Parsfield, Matthew Taylor, Jess Potter, Justin Forsyth, Anthony Giddens, Hilary Cottam, Jörg Wettlaufer, Indy Johar and Anthony Painter.

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  • Connected communities
    Building communities is not only intrinsically good; it can benefit the economy and public services too.

  • Charities and organisational change
    Justin Forsyth, outgoing Chief Executive of Save the Children, argues that charities must embrace organisational change.

  • Back to basics: rethinking the welfare system
    Embracing a citizen income for all requires a radical overhaul of the welfare state. It’s time for a rethink.

  • A common sense
    To solve complex societal problems, we must use both the communitarian and technocratic tools at our disposal.

  • Mind the gap
    Negotiating the pathway from rhetoric to reality in community-centred work is still the major challenge of our times.

  • Reality bytes
    Anthony Giddens and Matthew Taylor discuss what the digital revolution means for both institutions and individuals.

  • The shame game
    Moral emotions have long been used to change people’s behaviour, but is shaming still relevant in modern society?

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