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RSA Journal: Issue 4 2018-19


In this issue:

In this issue we discuss the challenges young people are facing, how they are tackling them and whether the term 'snowflake' has been used fairly to describe some of them. We also look at the power of Fellows to create real societal change and the achievements of the RSA in 2018.

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Labour Gains
With the right tools at its disposal, the government’s New Futures Network could boost prisoner employment

Game Changer: cultivating a progressive sporting culture
Progressives should harness the untapped potential of the sporting arena to positively influence and encourage political engagement.

Digital strains
Music has long been a source of inspiration and a way to find a community. But how are digital developments changing this experience?

Generation Snowflake?
Young people today are often denigrated for being overly sensitive and humourless. But how true, or fair, is this characterisation?

The economics of belonging
Why fairness between the generations requires a new approach to wealth

Do we need to reinvent the internet?
The web’s potential for good has been undermined by the wrong incentives; maybe it is time for a reset

Beyond a joke
Comedians do not necessarily just make us laugh; they can also break down barriers and bring us closer together

Pinball kids
Tackling the recent rise in formal school exclusions needs to be accompanied by measures to address in-school and hidden exclusion

Have young people stopped believing in democracy?
According to received wisdom, young people are going off democracy. So what is happening, and can this trend be reversed?

“I try to make politics more accessible for young people” — a conversation with Magid Magid
Magid Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, talks to Matthew Taylor about leadership, influence, and the power of traditions.

We are in unprecedented territory when it comes to climate change. How will young people choose to tackle this problem?

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