Update on trustee meeting with Fellows - RSA

Update on trustee meeting with Fellows

Corporate communications

In mid-February, members of our Trustee board met in person with a small group of Fellows for a frank, open and positive discussion on various matters including: the RSA's deliberate, open and transparent communication with Fellows; the details of our robust Fellow and staff recruitment processes; and providing information on externally benchmarked research and insights on staffing and the range of methods that staff can deploy to raise any concerns they have.

The group attending the meeting, made up of 1 Fellow and 2 past Fellows, made a request for an inquiry into a range of matters regarding the affairs of the RSA. Having carefully considered this request, Trustees decided that based on the facts (given that no evidence was forthcoming to support the claims), an inquiry would be inappropriate use of a large quantity of charitable resources (time, money and people). An inquiry would divert our resources away from focussing on the wellbeing of our people and pursuing our charitable mission - especially during such a period of change, at a time when the RSA is stretched financially. The scope of the inquiry was broad ranging, proposed to cover the previous 5 years, including both staff and Fellows who have left the RSA.

Extensive information was provided to the group of Fellows and the detail can be found here. An offer was made to the group to maintain an open line of communication with Trustee representatives if more information was required.

Trustees welcome positive challenge and feedback from Fellows. They also take very seriously the welfare of our people. They thank all Fellows for their ongoing commitment to the important mission and vision of the RSA.

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