Thousands walk in support of drug recovery - RSA

Thousands walk in support of drug recovery

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Today thousands of individuals from around the U.K. will gather by Hove seafront to walk through Brighton in support of the drug recovery movement.

Supported by the RSA’s Whole Person Recovery project, the walk aims to challenge stigma, educate the wider community and bring hope to those still struggling with substance misuse.

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Started in 2008, the Recovery Walk has grown in popularity year on year and continues to welcome the presence and support of anyone who feels affinity or empathy with those recovering from addiction or alcoholism.

As part of the celebration there will be a festival of recovery at the end of the walk, with a speech from MP for Brighton, Caroline Lucas and live music, dance, poetry and art from people in recovery.

Commenting on the walk, Rebecca Daddow said:

"The Recovery Walk is a unique opportunity to bring recovery onto the streets, showing the joy of lives reclaimed, to celebrate the healing within individuals, families and communities."

The UK Recovery Walk is signed up to the UK Recovery Federation Recovery Principles:

  1. Recovery lies within individuals, families and communities and is self-directed and empowering.

  2. Recovery lies within our 'connectedness' to others, is holistic and has many cultural dimensions.

  3. Recovery is supported by peers, families and allies within communities.

  4. Recovery involves the personal, cultural and structural recognition of the need for participative change, transformation and the building of recovery capital.

  5. Recovery involves a continual process of change and self-redefinition for individuals, families, organisations and communities.

  6. Recovery challenges all discrimination and transcends shame and stigma.

  7. Recovery emerges from hope, gratitude, love and service to others.

  8. There are many pathways to Recovery and no individual, community or organisation has the right to claim ownership of the 'right pathway.'

  9. Recovery exists on a continuum of improved health and well-being.

  10. Recovery transcends, whilst embracing, harm reduction and abstinence based approaches and does not seek to be prescriptive.

  11. Honesty, self-awareness and openness lie at the heart of Recovery.

  12. Recovery is a reality and contagious.

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