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The next stage of the Police Federation Review

Press release

  • Institutional reform

Announcement regarding the next of stage of the Police Federation Independent Review

  • Regional Consultation begins 12 July

  • Online consultation deadline is extended

The Independent Review of the Police Federation has made rapid progress in its first few weeks. It has engaged with a number of different stakeholders:

  • All three Rank Central Committee principal officers and Women’s Reserved seat representatives

  • National meetings of rank branch board principal officers – Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors

  • Staff in the national HQ

  • A number of external witnesses throughout the policing world

  • More than 200 responses to the online consultation

In the coming weeks, the Independent Review will be continuing to expand its consultation base with internal and external stakeholders. The Review has two further announcements:

  • The online consultation will be extended until Friday 20 September. It will no longer conclude on Wednesday 31 July.

  • The regional consultation will begin this Friday in the Midlands and will conclude on Thursday 12 September in Wales. Each region will have a day allocated to it with the exception of the Metropolitan Police which will have one day but split into two half days.

Sir David Normington, Chairman of the Independent Review Panel, said:

"We've extended the online consultation as we are getting a very good response and want to give every opportunity for others to get their thoughts to us. Anyone can respond and we are reading and analysing each and every response.

"All the panel members are looking forward to the regional consultation days. We are very confident the consultation programme we have in place is robust and will generate the range of evidence we need to get an accurate picture alongside other aspects of the consultation. While many who want to come along will have work and other commitments, we can reassure everyone that the online consultation is also a very important way of engaging with the Review. Everyone has an opportunity to have their say."

Notes to editors

1.    For more information contact RSA Head of Media Luke Robinson on 020 7451 6893 or 07799 737 970 or

2.     Alternatively, please contact

3.    More information about the Review is available on the Police Federation Review project page.

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