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Patient AI

The RSA’s Forum for Ethical AI ran a citizens’ jury to explore the use of AI in decision-making. In the next phase of this work, the Forum considered how to operationalise the jury’s conditions within the healthcare system.

Working with NHSX and NHS staff we learnt how emerging technologies, and AI in particular, is integrated into the healthcare system. As part of this project, we reviewed how this technology is procured and implemented, reflecting on how the jury’s conditions are being realised in practice.

Our recommendations on how NHSX can ensure the successful implementation of AI focused on three areas:

  • Patiently adopting radical technologies, such as AI, is key to their successful integration in the health system and to creating a genuine culture of innovation in the NHS.
  • Evidence is essential: clinicians and patients alike trust interventions that build from a robust evidence base.
  • A network of designated clinical AI champions should be platformed as an important part of the AI proposition.

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