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Leeds Fashion Futures

Leeds has shaped Fashion as we know it today. How can it shape the future of fashion to be circular, where clothes are used more, made from safe and renewable resources, and made to be used again?

The current global fashion system is driving social and environmental damage. In the face of climate and environmental breakdown and as the damaging impacts of inequality are increasingly recognised, we need to radically change how we make and use our clothes.

To build a future in which people and our environment flourish, local people and communities need to be able to create solutions that work for them. Shifting the way we do things and creating a better future for fashion can only happen if we work locally, as well as globally.

We set out to explore what role a city – starting with Leeds – can play in creating a vision for their future and in taking steps towards it. Working with Zero Waste Leeds, we explored different ways that Leeds could shape the future of the Fashion industry.

As the second largest city in the UK, Leeds felt like the right choice. It is a city that was built on the textile trade and industry and the birthplace of household names in fashion, such as Marks & Spencer and Burtons. But now that the industry needs to re-imagine itself, we wanted to find out the role Leeds could play yet again in imagining a new beginning for fashion.  

We believe that by inspiring and enabling citizens to collaborate, experiment and co-create a vision for a better fashion future for Leeds, we can support them to better connect and start taking action to bring this vision to life.

Find out more about what our local partners are doing to make Leeds Fashion Futures a reality.

Funders and partners

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