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Wedding planning: where should we start?

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Are you recently engaged? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the boxes you have to tick before your special day? Do you feel lost in a sea of choices and possibilities? Do you need help to set all the steps you have to take in the coming months?

Keep calm and read this blog!


Step 1 : Your Vision
The first thing to do is to make sure you have a clear idea of what you are trying to create and where you see yourself pronouncing the big yes.

Try to picture the style of your venue, the colours of your flowers, the style of your reception. Are you outside in a country house garden, dining exclusively at one of your favourite restaurants or enjoying the London view in an exclusive townhouse like RSA House? Are you savouring a three-course meal or picking options from our interactive market stalls?

You don't need to decide all the small things immediately, there's plenty of time to define all the details. What you want to achieve at this stage is the big picture, the common thread that links all the aspects of your wedding day.

Try to understand if it's more important for you to have an intimate and romantic atmosphere or the party of the century. Close your eyes and try to picture your wedding day. What do you see?

Ensuring that your vision is defined, before you start the planning, is crucial to have an enjoyable journey. Why is that so important? Because you don't want to waste your time visiting a townhall just because you like the look of it when you dream of a rustic wedding in the woods, nor to try a boho wedding dress if you are planning to look like Cinderella. 

There will be a lot of things that you like individually. The secret to understanding if you like them all together, is if they make your heart.

When you are sure that the answer to this question is a yes, your vision is defined.


Step 2 : The dealbreakers
Once the first  step has been thought, it's important that you make a list of all the deal-breakers and define your budget before you start looking for suitable suppliers. This will naturally help you make an initial selection.

Step 3 : The search for suppliers

The venue is the first thing you want to secure. Make sure you feel the butterflies when you walk into a room, and you imagine yourself getting married in it.  Be selective and only contact the venues that meet your requirements. Compromise only if it is worth it.

A piece of advice: never visit a venue if you already know it is way out of your budget. If you fall in love with a venue you can't afford, it will become even more complicated to choose as all the options you'll see after will feel like a second choice.

Once the location and caterers are sorted, you can proceed with the rest of the vendors. My advice is to start with all the suppliers that need to focus on one wedding per day. Photographers, bands, entertainers, videographers can't be in two places at the same time, so I suggest starting with them.

Florists and decorators are a bit more flexible, as they can have multiple teams delivering and setting up their creations on the same day.

Make sure all your suppliers understand your vision and always remember: you are not just buying a service, you are choosing to trust a person for the next six to nine months. You are giving them the power to add a touch of magic to one of the most important days of your life. Some of your ideas might not be doable, so it's crucial that you feel in good hands when you take a leap of faith and let your suppliers guide you into a different route.


Step 4: The fun
My last piece of advice is to enjoy the planning journey. Don't take it as a list of tasks, but more like a discovery. Don't be afraid to ask all the possible questions that cross your mind and even more. Be confident with what is going on and ask for help if you feel overwhelmed. Wedding professionals are here to help, we expect your questions and we are here to assist you!

Honestly, this is probably the part I enjoy the most. Receiving emails from couples and assisting them during the planning process. I know I am contributing to making their special day a success. Not only that but reassuring emotional bridesmaids and ensuring wedding gowns and suits are perfect before the wedding party start their walk down the aisle, are precious moments and the attention to detail that demonstrate how much I genuinely care that our couples have the most amazing day.

RSA House is an iconic Georgian townhouse wedding venue that offers you everything under one roof for your London wedding. If you have already taken the big step, contact our wedding specialist, Silvia on 0207 451 6950 or email mailto:[email protected].

Credits for pictures (in order): Ben Pipe Photography, Andrew Billington, Nick Beard, Victoria Somerset-How,  Kari Bellami

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