2020-21 - RSA

Student Design Awards winners 2020-21

Demonstrating the potential of design to unravel complex problems, explore new possibilities and unlock new ways to meet the needs of people and our planet, we’re proud to introduce the next generation of changemakers.

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Brief 1: Redistributing Health

How might we design systems that provide seamless and cost-effective access to quality health services for underserved communities?

Brief 2: A new leaf

How might we utilise local woodland resources to stimulate inclusive and sustainable economic activity?

Brief 3: Bridging the divide

How might we harness social media to bridge societal divides by supporting social connection, collective action and reducing polarisation?

Brief 4: The right to breathe

How might we ensure that everyone living in areas with poor air quality is guaranteed their right to clean air?

Brief 5: Material world

How might we apply biomimicry to create textiles, processes or systems that enhance nature?

Brief 6: Home sweet home

How might we harness age-friendly design to 'future-proof' homes so they are sustainable, safe and inclusive places to live and enjoy?

Brief 7: For the long time

How might we encourage people and community to think and act for the long term?

Brief 8: Moving pictures

Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of the two selected audio files that will clarify, energise and illuminate the content

RSA Student Design Awards

Our competition for emerging designers who want to make a difference.