Student Design Awards winners: Moving pictures

Brief 8: Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of the two selected audio files that will clarify, energise and illuminate the content


Commended entry

Winner: A Sinking Feeling

A stop motion animation using 3D models. The animation centres on a cube which rotates revealing different scenarios to show the various futures that are possible if we act - or not - on climate change.

A Sinking Feeling focuses on a single rotating cube which shows a variety of possible scenarios that may take place if we choose to act on climate change or if we do not. The stop motion animation was made using 3D models powered by a series of motion control devices. The models represent both the many challenges that we face like pollution and rising sea levels and the opportunities that we have to make a difference through technology, finance and policy. The bright colour palette, engaging soundscape and creative models combine to send a clear message, the time to act is now.

The animation was submitted in response to Moving pictures Category 1: The Future We Choose with audio by Christiana Figueres.

Mark Churcher 

BA Product Design, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Marketing Trust Award of £2000 

Staff Choice Awards of £500

Mark’s work

Winner: How To Be A Good Ancestor

An animation exploring climate change through an ancestor character and their society, highlighting our impact on the world around us and the message that we can leave it better than we found it.

How to be a Good Ancestor introduces a character in their own universe who is also tackling the challenge of caring properly for their planet. By tracing the journey of a single character and their experience of their planet, the viewer is encouraged to consider what is possible when individuals live within their means. A focused colour palette and careful audio additions enhance the visuals and help bring this alternate world to life.

The animation was submitted in response to Moving pictures Category 2: How to be a Good Ancestor, with audio by Roman Krznaric.

Zoe McCarthy

BA Illustration, National College of Art and Design, Ireland

CIM award of £1000

Zoe’s work

Commended entry

Highly Commended

The title image of the game show animation, Choose your Future

Lauren O'Brien, BA Graphic Design, National College of Art and Design, Ireland

Choose Your Future: An animation set in a game show world that highlights the personal burden felt by having to make a choice for your own future and for the future of the planet.

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