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Student Design Awards winners: Redistributing health

Brief 1: How might we design systems that provide seamless and cost-effective access to quality health services for underserved communities?  


  • Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance - Dhyani Parekh, National Institute of Design, India

Commended entry

Winner: Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance

A systems-oriented set of resources and tools for communicating about risk and disease prevention related to human and animal health. 

Anti-microbial resistance (AMR), when bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses no longer respond to medicine, makes infections more difficult to treat and likely to be fatal. The World Health Organisation has named AMR “one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity.” This project takes a systemic One Health approach to tackling the issue, by proposing a preventative intervention targeting poultry farmers in India. The facilitated workshop helps farmers better understand the risks and teaches them safe handling to reduce disease outbreak. They are also provided with a toolkit of additional checklists, frameworks and activities to empower and support them to shift their practices over the long term. 

Dhyani Parekh

BDes. Product Design, Graduate, National Institute of Design, India

Philips Award of £2,000

Dhyani's work

Commended entry

Highly commended

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Caitlyn Yu, Carrie Dam, Erica Sua, Gina Hsu, Jessie Huang
University of Waterloo, Canada 

Medley: An online web platform offering accessible sex education and resources targeting LGBTQ+ youth.