Student Design Awards winner: Elephant in the Room

WINNER: Brief 9, Moving Pictures - Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of the two selected audio files that will clarify, energise and illuminate the content.

This animation plays on a well-known turn of phrase to highlight how we may be ignoring what is perhaps the biggest issue of our time.

‘Elephant in the Room’ is a bright, clean and positive animation which highlights the little influences and changes that we can make in the name of climate change. The animation gradually reveals itself as you watch, with the elephant, a metaphor for climate change, being ignored at first, then being noticed and going on to spread its influence.

Elephant in the Room was submitted in response to Moving Pictures Category 2: What can I do to Make a Difference, an audio recording of Mike Berners-Lee discussing his book 'There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make Or Break Years' recorded at the RSA in May 2019.

Ellie Stone  

Limerick School of Art and Design   

Natracare of £1000 and RSA Staff Choice Award in memory of Carol Jackson of £500  

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