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Student Design Awards winner: Nip it in the boob

WINNER: Brief 1, AI 100 - How might we use AI to support people to reach a happy, meaningful and productive one hundred year life?

‘Nip it in the Boob’ is an AI driven, interactive service which allows women to record monthly assessments in order to enable early detection of breast cancer at home.

Forty percent of breast cancers are self-detected from home assessments (NCBI, 2010) and one in five women are diagnosed under the age of 50 (NHS, 2013). Nip it in the Boob is an AI-driven, interactive health monitoring service that allows women, especially those under the age of 50 who don’t access regular mammograms, to confidently record monthly assessments, access tailored recommendations and enable early detection of breast cancer in the comfort of their own home. Beyond the digital software, this proposal carefully considers the user experience and includes a book with 3D shapes that mimic the texture and quality of the mammary gland tissue of a healthy breast and a lump, to help guide women through their checks with confidence.

Jessica Williams

Northumbria University

Winner of Philips Award of £1000

Jessica’s work