Student Design Awards winner: TREOW

WINNER: Brief 5, Branching Out - How might we harness broad-leaved woodlands and their resources to increase their local economic, social and environmental value? 

‘TRĒOW’ is a new material for high-quality processing made from small-diameter logs. It supports the use of domestically grown wood to strengthen the local timber industry. 

The UK is one of the top importers of wood and wood products (Forest Research, 2018). However, with the right management, the major part of the demand could be satisfied by domestic wood. Small-diameter logs are low-quality logs taken from the forest during the ‘thinning’ process and are usually burned as wood fuel. TRĒOW is a new material for high-quality processing which uses these valuable small-diameter logs. It is intended that this product will strengthen the local timber industry and promotes the growth of domestic woodland. 

Sandra Reith

University of Leeds

John Makepeace Award of £500

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