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Student Design Awards winners: Hybrid home

Brief 3: How might we improve the experience for the increasing number of people with hybrid working patterns?


  • Set the Bloody Standard - Camilla Owen, Jenna McKenzie and Thea Lincoln, University of the West of England, England

Commended entries

Winner: Set the Bloody Standard

A campaign for managers to pledge and enforce better working conditions for menstruators.*

Menstruation can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to work productively, particularly those with conditions such as endometriosis. Set the Bloody Standard is an accreditation campaign that supports menstruator’s right to flexible working conditions. The campaign aims to encourage organisations to adopt menstruator friendly policies by providing information on best practice. It also recognises organisations that commit to support fair working conditions for their employees, by providing protection against discrimination and setting a new standard of care for menstruators.

*Menstruators refers to people who menstruate, it is an inclusive term that recognises that periods are had by people of all genders.

Camilla Owen, Jenna McKenzie and Thea Lincoln

University of the West of England, England

The RSA Fellows’ award of £2,000

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Commended entries

Highly Commended

OneplusoneQianyu Lu, Brunel University London, England

OnePlusOne: A multi-functional home office desk designed to separate work and life for young users living independently in small spaces.


ErgoLaura Sprague, University of Portsmouth, England

Ergo: A free browser plugin that helps employees set up their home office around their needs and focus on their short and long term physical health.

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It is amazing to see young students thinking about impactful products and interventions with a focus on inclusion and sustainability.

Consultant World Bank, 2022 Judge Prachi Shukla