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Brief 6: How might we support all families, carers and communities to play and learn more creatively at home?


Look! - Sophie Hague, Sheffield Hallam University, England

Commended entries

Winner: Look!

An app that supports deaf children to learn vocabulary through outdoor exploratory play.

In the UK, 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents with little experience of how to communicate with a deaf person. Look! is an application that uses object detection technology to support language learning for deaf children, supporting parents and families in teaching essential British Sign Language words and phrases. The app’s aim is to promote sign language learning while also encouraging outdoor exploratory play.

Sophie Hague

Sheffield Hallam University, England

The LEGO® award of £2,000

Sophie’s website

Commended entries


Team Repair Anaïs Engelmann, Megan Hale, Oliver Colebourne, Oscar Jones and Patrick McGuckian, Imperial College London, England

Team Repair: A subscription service that sends children broken gadgets to tinker with and repair, approaching STEM learning in a playful and sustainable way.


EQOOLChristina Serghides, Hind Arekat, Kanya Thavanesan, Kerim Taskin and Pei-Han Lai, Imperial College London, England

EQOOL: A situation-based board game built on principles of learning through play, aiming to improve emotional intelligence skills for children aged 8+.


TOKIJimin Won, Raja Nurul Huda Binte Raja Ahmad and Ying Jia Ang, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

TOKI: A service and product design proposal that teaches and supports parents with resources to play and learn more creatively with their children.

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