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Student Design Awards winners: Transformation station

Brief 2: How might we leverage unrealised spaces in small transport hubs, as catalysts for communities and places to thrive?


  • Roots - Isabel Poland, Issie Bickerstaff and Lucy Tew, Loughborough University, England 

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Winner: Roots

A locally sourced ingredients delivery service located at Loughborough station building new relationships between students and local residents.

Roots is a service proposal that attempts to integrate the large student population in Loughborough with other residents and local businesses. Research showed that students felt the local market was not for them and that locals and students often had negative perceptions of each other. This meal kit delivery service allows students to select recipes submitted by locals and then receive ingredients sourced from the area’s market. The Roots Hub, a collection stand and deposit area, is based in the train station which is frequented by all groups – adding value to the station and fitting into the student’s journey home.

Isabel Poland, Issie Bickerstaff and Lucy Tew

Loughborough University, England

The RSA Fellows’ award of £2,000

Commended entries

Highly Commended

Keeping the Heartbeat in the CommunityHannah Ryan, Manchester Metropolitan University, England

Keeping the Heartbeat in the Community: A preventative and rehabilitative program aimed to aid the recovery for heart attack, heart surgery survivors, and at-risk individuals.

Highly Commended

Community ShedJoe Trickett, Manchester Metropolitan University, England

Community Shed: A neighbourhood-centric location to exchange & borrow objects and ideas, using circular economy principles that are critical to a thriving global future.

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