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Student Design Awards winners: Moving pictures

Brief 9: Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of the two selected audio files that will clarify, energise and illuminate the content.


  • Travelling the Maze of Concrete Injustice – Daire Powell, National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland
  • Learn how to question – Tudor Dragomir, Birmingham City University, England
  • Rebooting The System – Valentin Ivanov, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Winner: Travelling the Maze of Concrete Injustice

An animated piece that converses on the oppression and social injustice that is still hidden in the world today; personifying buildings of the past and present to indicate the lasting evidence of systems used to exploit and degrade individuals of racial difference and other minority groups.

‘Travelling the Maze of Concrete Injustice’ is a powerful animation that uses structures as a metaphor to depict capitalist systems and the ongoing pressure of societal injustice. Building on the audio narrative, the striking and contrasting animation casts shadows and creates feelings of both darkness and hope.

The animation was submitted in response to Moving pictures Category 2: Interrogate the truth, with audio by Jeffrey Boakye.

Daire Powell
National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Winner of £2,000 Marketing Trust Award

Daire Powell's website

Winner: Learn how to question

A collage animation which explores how we can build a better future by learning how to question the accepted veracity, biases, and narratives of past events.

‘Learn how to question’ is an impactful collage animation that weaves history together and poses questions for the viewer to reflect on. The animation is crafted through collected images that build and grow with the narrative of historical power and change.

The animation was submitted in response to Moving pictures Category 2: Interrogate the truth, with audio by Jeffrey Boakye.

Tudor Dragomir
Birmingham City University, England

Winner of £500 RSA Events staff choice Award

Tudor Dragomir's website

Winner: Rebooting The System

An animation that tells the story of our connection to technology and urges us to reprogram the systems established within ourselves to regain control of our relationship with technology.

‘Rebooting The System’ is a bold animation with defining and glowing colourful shapes that aims to inspires action and collective change. The animation uses playful imagery of a virus taking over a computer device to show destructive paradigms and urges viewers to reprogramme for a regenerative future.

The animation was submitted in response to Moving pictures Category 1: Change is necessary, with audio by Sarah Ichioka.

Valentin Ivanov
Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Winner of £2,000 Natracare Award

Valentin Ivanov's website

Commended entries

Highly commended

Caoimhe Dineen, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland

Blueprints For The Future: Using the metaphor of the blueprint to break down the complex ideas surrounding regenerative design and show the steps we, as a society, need to take to accomplish this.

Watch ‘Blueprints For The Future’

Highly commended

Adele Sediva, University of Portsmouth, England

Linking Humans And Nature:
The animation highlights degenerative mindsets and paradigms that are harming us and other life on Earth, exploring different ways how to shape these mindsets, creating a regenerative approach in everything we do.

Watch ‘Linking Humans And Nature’


Jennifer Lee, York St John University, England

Social Justice: An animation that raises awareness of social justice, by highlighting the historical shortcomings of western society and arguing that everyone should be encouraged to question the status quo in order to improve and establish justice in today’s societies.

Watch ‘Social Justice’

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