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Student Design Awards winners: Apply AI

Brief 1: How might we empower communities to use AI to tackle the local challenges of climate change?

Winner: Beta Electronics

Democratising and decolonising the physical design of consumer electronics.

Beta Electronics
Beta Electronics
Beta Electronics

Beta Electronics offers a holistic approach to electronic recycling and education. Users engage in recycling or create their electronics, aided by AI to identify components and receive tailored project suggestions. Beta Electronics not only promotes recycling but also empowers users to learn more about their electronics.

Kristina Betha Suwarso

(University of the Arts London, England)

  • Winner of £2,000 Apply AI Award

Website / Instagram / LinkedIn


 Highly Commended

Tess Taylor, Arts University Bournemouth, England

Terra Hex: An AI soil sensor and app that promotes regenerative agriculture and accurate fertilisation to diminish farmers’ contribution to climate change while fostering community-led mitigation of climate challenges.

Tess's Terra Hex solution has also won this year's Anjool Maldé Young Innovator of the Year Award.


Danyang Yu and Fei Tian, Kingston University, England

Eco Evaporation System: Integrating AI and traditional evaporative cooling to mitigate climate impacts in the underground environment of London.

In partnership:

There is a lot of excitement about artificial intelligence these days, but Tess Taylor demonstrates what all AI innovations require: keen knowledge of the issue at hand, and a pragmatic solution.

FRSA & member of AI judging panel Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

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