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Toni Shoola

Toni Shoola

Toni Shoola is Operations Lead for RSA US

As operations lead, Toni is instrumental to the successful delivery of RSA US projects, events and smooth day-to-day operations. She is committed to creating spaces where people feel heard, valued, and supported. In addition, she has a strong affinity for creating processes and systems which are a complimentary blend of effective, efficient, and compassionate.

Toni has experience across sectors, but most prominently in not-for-profit where she has worked and volunteered for over 20 years. She is compelled by and committed to changing many areas of clearly identifiable social injustice along with an ever-increasing awareness of the overarching and systematic forces which undergird and run through these injustices. 

She has worked in various capacitates for both local and national organisations. Toni began her nonprofit career as a program manager and has since supported organisations as a reporting and data lead, project and event coordinator, scholarship officer, director of operations, and associate director. In addition, she has spent several years volunteering as a director and co-facilitator with Healing Conversations, an initiative focused on race and reconciliation, and also as a CASA/GAL in her community.

Toni is based in Ohio where she enjoys spending time playing games, exploring nature, and connecting with her friends, family, and cat.


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