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How to help every child fulfil their potential

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Ever wondered why kids say they’re bored at school, or why they stop trying when the work gets harder? Educationalist Carol Dweck explains how the wrong kind of praise actually *harms* young people.

This short video is essential viewing for EVERYONE – from teachers and education workers to relatives and friends - and will totally revolutionise the way you interact with children.

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  • Interesting findings that I will be reminding myself to apply in my own role. 
    Over-praising of intelligence could also be a way of turning kids of particular areas of education. Praising process over intelligence may encourage kids to see how such processes are valuable, applicable and translatable across different areas. 

  • Wow! This video definitely shook some of my beliefs, I am so glad I found it now that my child is 11.

  • Thanks for sharing this information on how to help kids to fulfil their potential and it’s equally important to find best school for your kid for improving his abilities. Last month, got to know about a Phoenix kindergarten, which is providing great facilities for kids.

  • This video is really like an eye opener. It is true that kids find studying sometimes boring. However, if the teaching is being given with fun and amusement then it will be very interesting for kids to study. I have come across these interesting kids activities on

  • I really enjoyed this RSA Animate twist. We're doing some interesting work on growth and enterprising mindsets with a pioneering primary school and have found Dweck's research invaluable. The results will be available in August and intrigued to see the results!