New Metrics for a New Era: The Gallup-Healthways UK Well-Being Index


  • Employment
  • Mental health
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Public services

With Jim Harter PhD, Ben Leedle, Jim Clifton, Dr David Halpern, Paul Allin and Matthew Taylor

Our expert panel discuss findings on the state of wellbeing in the UK and how government and business leaders can use the data to transform our health, happiness and productivity.

Speakers: Jim Harter PhD, Gallup chief scientist, Workplace Management and Wellbeing; Ben Leedle, chief executive officer, Healthways; Jim Clifton, chief executive officer, Gallup; Dr David Halpern, director, Cabinet Office Behavioural Insight Team; and Paul Allin, director, Measuring National Well-being Programme, Office for National Statistics.

Chair: Matthew Taylor, chief executive, the RSA.


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