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Education for Uncertain Futures


  • Education
  • Social innovation
  • Youth engagement

With Professor Becky Francis, Dr Patrick Hazelwood, Carolyn Unsted, Professor Keri Facer and Dougald Hine

As young people face an ever more uncertain climate beyond education join our panel as they ask; can our educators afford not to become more radically futures-aware?

Speakers: Keri Facer, professor of education, Manchester Metropolitan University and formerly Futurelab; Dougald Hine, writer and social activator, co-founder of the School of Everything and Space Makers Agency; Carolyn Unsted, deputy director: Education & Social Care, Schools and Educational Improvement, London Borough of Bexley; Dr Patrick Hazlewood, headteacher, St John’s School & Community College, Marlborough.

Chair: Professor Becky Francis, director of education, RSA.


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