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David McCandless on Knowledge is Beautiful

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Data journalist, designer and founder of the blog sensation Information is Beautiful, David McCandless visits the RSA to demonstrate how visualised information can help us comprehend, navigate and find meaning in a complex world.

In this age of high-speed living and information overload, visualised information has incredible potential to help us quickly understand, navigate and find meaning in a complex world.

David McCandless is a London-based data journalist and designer, and author of the blog and bestselling book Information is Beautiful. From national military budgets and bird flu outbreaks, to Doctor Who's journeys through time and the intricate relationships of the Middle East, his elegant and often playful infographics and live story-telling bring to life information too complex or abstract to grasp any way but visually.

In his new book, Knowledge is Beautiful, he expands the approach beyond data and information to the richer, deeper, denser material of  “knowledge”.  Whether it’s science, politics, finance or just the hidden patterns in Hollywood storylines, David uses this new approach to reveal intricate, invisible and sometimes hilarious stories lurking in the data, information and knowledge surrounding us.

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  • After discovering my daughter has a profile on this page, this was the first lecture I was drawn to and found it very enlightening. Thank-you Mr. Maccandless for this, because it reminds me that you can learn so much each day and I'm now looking forward to more knowledge through this site. Keep up the good work.

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