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GDP is seen as the universal yardstick of progress and the highest goal of politics. But economic historian Dirk Philipsen argues that the world can no longer afford GDP rule, and it’s time now for a different measure.

Today, increasing GDP is the highest goal of politics. But a finite planet cannot sustain blind and indefinite expansion. If we consider future generations equal to our own, replacing the GDP regime is the ethical imperative of our times.

Economic historian Dirk Philipsen shows how the history of GDP reveals unique opportunities to fashion smarter goals and measures, and explores a possible roadmap for a future that advances quality of life rather than indiscriminate growth.

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  • Got to the point straight away, I have been advocating a NATURAL RESOURCE TAX to replace all existing taxes , so as to value life and resources. This tax based on taxing the actual and potential damage done to the environment by the use and consumption of all natural resources. 

    As Dirk point out , There are no metrics that point out the consequences of spending money, and the point of having only one tax is to concentrate the mind on the fact that when money is spent , destruction of the environment occurs to some or larger extent.

    Each and every one of us whether on a personal or business level , need to be constantly reminded of the real cost to the planet by every action we do, so making the final consumer pay directly their taxes through a medium of the damage done by their buying habits, will help concentrate the mind of everyone in society to look after the planet in a long term green and sustainable way. 

    I propose it's not technical fixes, or reducing GDP that will fix the planet , both may help, but it is that we have just to reduce our spending at all levels and ensure waste and longevity are at the heart of all we do.

    Your Salary = your carbon and environmental footprint

    Money= energy=Climate Change

    As Dirk Philipsen pointed out, the CO2 graph follows the GDP pretty precisely

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