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Tom Sherrington on the National Baccalaureate

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Headteacher Tom Sherrington announces the introduction of a National Baccalaureate framework, which will recognise and measure wider learning. 

In this excerpt from the event 'Occupy Your Curriculum', headteacher Tom Sherrington explains how secondary school leaders are driving curriculum strategy that delivers successful outcomes for learners and for educators.

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  • People talk of creating well rounded people.  Yet in American public schools, students are not even required to learn how to cook.  In a nation which holds obesity, with such a high priority.   Every public school should have a restaurant, which is open to the public, it generates a profit.  The students take turn working in the restaurant, in order to create a Renaissance of cooking.  The profit will allow students who battle hunger to take food home.  Students can live their life saying the worst job I could hope for is to be a chef rather than working in McDonald's.  This will usher in a new era, and the government could be as bold as to physically take the assets of fast food restaurants and other food chains and give it to the common people thus bringing the economy to a new light.