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Ben Terrett on Design and the Internet

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To celebrate the launch of the 2015/16 RSA Student Design Award briefs, designer Ben Terrett talks about how design is changing the world, and how the internet is changing design.

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In this excerpt from the event 'From Persuasion to Usability: Design Meets the Internet', award-winning designer Ben Terrett talks about how design is changing the world (a bit) and how the internet is changing design (a lot), as well as design in the Cabinet Office working across government on GOV.UK, which won Design of the Year and a D&AD Black Pencil.

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  • They didn't teach this at university either in the undergraduate or graduate level, so I'm working on a hunch at this point - but there is a litmus for tenure of professorship at the university level in Canada.  For instance, if there is a run in with the law in Canada, and especially concerning email and social media, then there is a chance that this individual may either become a police officer (considering the charges are on a technicality) or is on tenure track for assistant, associate, full or emeritus status (not bothering someone with email). My hunch goes so far as to say that if one does not use internet or email for a few months then this designates level of tenure up to the emeritus which I have been able to achieve. I'm pretty sure I'm the first cop to become a professor and I apologize for tooting my horn but l have just realized this through an epiphany on this audio!

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