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Martin Amor & Alex Pellew on Ideas

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Innovation experts Martin Amor and Alex Pellew offer practical tips for unleashing the power to create and turning ideas – whether for a business, a campaign or social venture - into reality.

Creativity is inherently human. Turning our ideas in action, and watching them have positive impact in the world, is for many of us, what true fulfilment in life is all about.

How could more of us access and unleash that creative power? What are the obstacles to bringing our lightbulb moments and passion projects - whether for a business, a campaign or social venture - to life?

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  • This video should be presented at every art, business, engineering and medical school.  It should be posted to every entrepreneur blog. For anyone who thinks that they are not 'good' or 'smart' enough to have the next great/transformative idea.  This brief talk pushes back and says: YOU CAN.  DO IT NOW!