The Criminal Justice System: Close to Collapse? - RSA

The Criminal Justice System: Close to Collapse?

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  • Criminal justice
  • Institutional reform
  • Prisons
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  • Funding is an important issue but there are other issues which need to be looked at. A leadership which allocates funding in a way which is anything less than the best financial plan will undoubtably lead to long term shortages and failure. Excellent administration and financial decision making is not something that can be assumed in every case. Every public body at some time is faced with funding which is insufficient but the automatic cry for more funds may not lead to a solution. In my own experience of, for example, policing and the criminal justice system I have seen widespread corruption and bad decision making at the upper levels of public institutions. I appreciate this panel informing us that there are serious funding issues in the criminal justice system. However, my reaction is 'What have they done with the funding received thus far?'. That is not a challenge to their knowledge and experience but it is an important question nonetheless.