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Jack Shenker on A New Political Age

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Watch Jack Shenker in our latest RSA Spotlight – the edits which take you straight to the heart of the event!

Journalist Jack Shenker explores the new political age emerging from years of uncertainty and stagnation and a political system no longer fit for purpose. To make sense of what we’re going through, he says we need to shift our gaze.

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  • Good afternoon, we need government officials to bring progress to their citizens, to stop this progress or minimize as much as possible, the entry of people leaving their countries because of poverty and trying to enter developed countries in search of a more dignified life.

    I am not being prejudiced or intolerant, I just think that there are rich countries even though their population is extremely poor, without the proper progress of that population.

    with this, in my opinion it generates a great waste in all senses, developed countries are faced with great immigration in certain countries, often unrestrained, and the lack of progress in the countries of origin, all due to the lack of good management and governance.

    That is why the world must work for these countries to grow and provide an opportunity for their people so that they can stay in their proper countries, out of poverty, making financial progress and in every way.