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Digital learning after lockdown


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Catching the creative wave: digital learning after lockdown.

The pandemic, and worldwide lockdown that accompanied it, required schools across the globe to redesign their delivery models overnight. Teachers, some for the first time, had to rethink their practice to engage with learners and parents in a virtual classroom. At the same time, schools have had to confront the issue of unequal access to technology and data. One year on, as schools and colleges have adapted to remote and blended learning models, what valuable learning has emerged from the crisis?

As the workforce has improved its digital fluency, what new opportunities have arisen for post-Covid recovery and beyond? Are there opportunities for consensus about how to utilise new technologies to improve access and maximise learning for all, especially the most disadvantaged?  

Join us for the first in a new series of Rethinking Education events, bringing together respected practitioners, policymakers and thinkers, to discuss whether the challenges that emerged during the Covid-19 crisis might, in fact, be opportunities to build consensus across political divides and different traditions in teaching and learning.

Each event in the series will include an opening reflection from Sir Kevan Collins, Education Recovery Commissioner, and each will focus on one of the key moments of crisis for education during the pandemic, through the lens of either Creativity, Capability or Community - the three pillars of the RSA’s new education programme examining how we can build a more equitable and inclusive education system. The RSA has been at the forefront of societal change for over 250 years. Our proven Living Change Approach, and global network of 30,000 problem-solvers enable us to unite people and ideas to understand the challenges of our time and realise lasting change.

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Speakers: Alex Beard, Senior Director, Global Learning Lab, Teach for All; Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder CEO, CENTURY Tech; Matt Hood, Principal, Oak National Academy; Rosemary Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design, UCL Knowledge Lab;  Nic Beech, Executive Principal, Central RSA Academies Trust. 

Chair: Matthew Taylor, RSA Chief Executive.

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