What does philanthropy mean today?


  • Social justice

If the way we give to those in need reflects on our values and virtue as a society, what do we see today?

Charitable giving has grown in response to the huge areas of need that the Covid crisis has exposed and intensified, in the form of mutual aid groups, donations, and volunteering. How has this changed our communities, our public values, and the ways we help one another?

Writer and development expert Paul Vallely is joined by philanthropic activist Sir Bob Geldof and charity director Fran Perrin to explore the big questions for philanthropy today: what does charity mean in an age of increasing inequality? How should charities and the state interact? How can philanthropic giving connect us to one another, and redistribute not just money, but power?

The expert panel reflects on the changing state of philanthropy through the ages, from Aristotle to Live Aid to Bill Gates, and asks the role that charity can play in a society built on justice and altruism.

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