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Ambition, success and deceit in the influencer economy

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Social media has unlocked a new land of opportunity where anyone has the potential to make a million using their smartphone and being an influencer is now the top career choice for early 20 somethings and children growing up today.

However, influencer success is hard-won, and ambition, deceit and exploitation are often key tools in this digital rat race.

In Get Rich or Lie Trying, Symeon Brown takes an innovative look at the influencer economy, considering the social, cultural and economic trends that have made possible this new world of work and investigates the dubious circumstances upon which social media megastars have made their fortune.

By looking closely at the work of streamers, tech entrepreneurs, sex workers, influencer activists and fraudsters, Brown considers the broken financial model that enables success for a lucky few and explores what this new model can tell us about modern work, digital capitalism and online culture.

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