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Rethinking what good work means today

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What does good work mean today and what should good work be?  

The ways we work have seen huge changes in recent years. Technology has reformed entire sectors, remote working has become commonplace and age demographics have shifted as more people retire early or rethink their chosen careers. Such huge change means that the ways we measure good work are now outdated, with familiar notions of productivity criticised as being unfair to women and having more relevance to the industrial economy than to the knowledge economy.  

There is much to reflect on and much we need to understand about this new world of work.  

Over the past 12 months, the RSA’s Good Work Guild has brought together a global community of practitioners to share experiences, expertise and ideas and explore some of the most pressing issues related to the future of work, economic security, and labour market transformation.  

This event brings together three experts on what makes good and meaningful work. Join Laetitia Vitaud and Hilary Cottam in conversation with, Sharmi Surianarain as they reflect on their research, discuss issues highlighted by the Good Work Guild and reflect on their own research to ask how we can build a social revolution for work, imagining what work could and should be and what impact good work could have.

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