The story behind extraordinary success - RSA

The story behind extraordinary success

Public talks / Video

 -  | BST British Summer Time

RSA House and Online via YouTube

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Social mobility

Society tells us that to be successful we must be tough, stubborn, and resilient. We can all achieve success if we just work hard enough. Across all corners of society, from sport to science and beyond, there are many examples of people who have overcome great hardship to achieve next-level success. 

However, this view focuses on individual achievement and can easily ignore many of the external factors that can undermine our confidence, take away our agency and stack the odds against us. When we look closely at the context around achievement and resilience, the road to extraordinary success is far more complex than it first appears.

Join Bruce Daisley as he explores how success is achievable today and re-examines what it means to be resilient. In conversation with the RSA’s Andrea Siodmok, Bruce will put forward an empowering new programme for building self-confidence and tenacity that can benefit us all, not just the elite few. 


*Please note this event will be shown at RSA House and Online - please ensure to register for the correct ticket type to avoid disappointment*

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