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Building a politics of the common good

Public talks / Video / Online

 -  | BST British Summer Time

RSA House and online via YouTube

  • Economic democracy
  • Employment

The architect of ‘Blue Labour’ argues that a new politics based on human relationships, mutuality and pluralism is more relevant – and more necessary - than ever in the post-COVID world.

Rejecting both New Labour’s embrace of free markets and the statism of Corbynism, Blue Labour thinking sought to reconnect Labour with its working-class base, and to bring assets, power and dignity back to local communities.

As workers' rights and futures - and the future of the places they live - take centre-stage in politics once more, Blue Labour’s founder, political scientist Maurice Glasman, is joined by Shadow Levelling-Up Secretary Lisa Nandy MP to explore what left-conservatism has to offer the Labour Party, and the country, in the post-Brexit, post-Covid era.

*Please note this event will be shown at RSA House and Online - please ensure to register for the correct ticket type to avoid disappointment*  

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