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Towards a more inclusive education

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20 years on from the repeal of Section 28, what has been achieved in LGBTQI+ inclusive education and what can we learn from the educators, artists and changemakers that made progress possible?

2023 sees the 20th anniversary of the repeal of Section 28, the UK legislation that banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality, stopping schools from discussing same-sex relationships and depriving generations of young people from an inclusive education.

To celebrate this anniversary and LGBT+ history month’s 2023 theme of ‘Behind the lens’, the RSA welcomes a panel to discuss what can be learned from successful movements for inclusive education in the UK in the past twenty years, exploring what has been achieved and how, and, specifically, what role the arts played, and continues to play, in telling LGBTQI+ stories and fighting for human rights.

Join Georgia Oakley, director of the upcoming Bafta-nominated film Blue Jean, author and academic Paul Baker, National Teaching Fellow Catherine Lee and deputy headteacher Bennie Kara for a timely look at how far we’ve come in building a truly inclusive education, alongside their visions and hopes for the future.

Want to watch this event at RSA House?

For those wishing to gather with friends or colleagues to watch, it will be screened on The Steps in The Coffee House. Join us there at 13.00.

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