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Prosperity in a post-global world

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After half a century of almost unquestioned dominance, is the age of hyper-globalisation now nearing its end? Can we create a new economic blueprint that balances the best of both global and local in a way that benefits people, planet, and place?

Rana Foroohar, associate editor at the FT and one of the world's leading economic commentators, argues that path to prosperity, sustainability and equity lies in a local, place-based economics fit for the 21st century. 

The journalist Joseph Stiglitz has acclaimed for being 'consistently right about globalisation', argues that with the pandemic exposing the vulnerability of global trade and supply chains; tensions building between the China and the west; and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we are beginning to see the first signs of a move toward de-globalisation. The risks of our interdependency are becoming ever clearer, and with increasing inequality, wage stagnation, and the effects of climate change, many are beginning to question the ideological hegemony that places global profit over local prosperity.

Can we rescue the best of global interconnectedness and exchange whilst re-focussing on the local and regional? And can we avoid the worst of protectionism and nostalgia whilst pursuing home interests? Join us for this special conversation about a post-global economic future.

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