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My Karachi - Sehar Paljo takes you for a tour of her city

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Young Karachite Sehar Paljo takes you for a tour of the true modern day Karachi.

Young Karachite Sehar Paljo takes you for a tour of her Karachi. Karachi is a mega city, one of the world's largest urban centres, and is often in the news for sectarian troubles and violence. Sehar shows many other faces and sides to Karachi, from a thriving restaurant and food culture, family life and youth culture, to the performing and visual arts. If you want to understand the energy and diversity of modern Pakistan today, then watch this film.

Karachi University Pakistan

Producer and Director: Sehar Paljo


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  • My father was born in Karachi in 1925, which prompted me to watch this short film, which I enjoyed.  My father also lived in Lahore and Peshawar and whilst the country has witnessed many changes, the people and culture, I feel certain, are very much the same.  I have visited India several times on business and Goa with my young son, but not Pakistan (yet!).  Congratulations, Sehar, on your film and good luck in your chosen career! 

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