Pumping Life - The Miracle Of Water


How the Association Development Of Pakistan provided clean water in Charsadda District.

This is a film about how the charity the Association Development Of Pakistan (ADP) provided clean water in Charsadda District. Throughout the Charsadda district, over 79,000 people have been directly affected by the floods of 2010. The destruction of infrastructure has left many of these villagers displaced , living in government schools, tents or with host families.

The roads leading to these villages are completely flooded with water making it impossible to transport drinking water. ADP is installing 12 water hand-pumps throughout these villages and, along with partners, is providing blankets, mats for sleeping, pillows, hygiene kits and small water coolers.

Within these villages, community groups of 3-5 members have been formed to supervise the maintenance of the pumps, and the success of the project depends on the ability of the community to self-regulate the use and care of the pumps.

Association Development Of Pakistan

Director, Director of Photography, Editor & Affects: Ozair Rao

Producer: Artistrocrat

Special Thanks to: Paradox Studio


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