Islamabad hosts its first literary festival


After Karachi and Lahore, Islamabad hosts its first literary festival.

This film explores Islamabad’s first Literature Festival, organised in April 2013 by Oxford University Press. The event proved a huge success with big names and packed sessions with almost 6,000 visitors on the first day.The two-day festival had more than 35 sessions with 70 writers and events on literature, social and political issues, book launches and theatre performances.

European Union (EU) Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark addressing the inaugural session said, "As we celebrate democracy moving forward, there are forces who want to silence the forces of democracy. As Pakistani society has diversity, it is not possible to impose one school of thought, which is being tried by some forces" Managing Director Oxford University Press, Ameena Saiyid, said “teacher training, improving curriculum and providing children better quality books to encourage the reading habit can work.”

Some of the issues which were addressed during the festival included Pakistani history, foreign policy and child labour.

Film courtesy of Tribune Express Pakistan

Reporter: Aimen Syed

Producer: Sarah Munir


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