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Driving Life – The Ambulance Drivers of Karachi


A candid view of life in Karachi, by some of its bravest public servants, its ambulance drivers.

Karachi faces huge challenges, yet it is a city full of energy and unsung heroes, including Karachi’s ambulance drivers. Thanks to our partnership with Karachi University Visual Studies Department, we have been able to further understand the city of Karachi by listening to the views of ambulance drivers. With discussions on subjects such as democracy, law and order, public service and perceptions of Britain, as well as urban myths and conspiracy theories, it offers a fascinating look into one of the most difficult jobs in Pakistan.

This film was made by the University of Karachi Visual studies department with the kind support of The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development

Director: Maira Khan, Ammar Zafar.

Producer: Maira Khan, Ammar Zafar.

Production team: Chandan Pirzada, Hassan Hashmi, Ayesha Mirza, Muhammed Azim, Arsala Tahir, Muhammed Tariq and Kumail Rizv


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